The eye candy

This is the most rewarding process for us. We finally get to see your vehicle in color!​ It takes months of work to get your vehicle ready for paint. Most of the time we prime and block your vehicle twice. This helps make sure your vehicle is straight and that we didn't miss anything small. The paint process takes a few weeks to complete. After all the prime and blocking is done, the vehicle gets a final sand and scuff to make sure everything is ready for paint. We jamb the inside of the doors and fenders and under the hood and deck lid. Next we paint the complete shell. Then we paint all the parts. Coats of color depend on what color you choose but usually between 3-5 coats of color. Then we clear coat your vehicle with 3 coats of High Solids Clear Coat. This step helps protect your paint from the harmful UV rays from the sun. After everything is painted, we let your vehicle sit for a couple of days drying. We then start to wet sand the clear coat and buff to a mirror like finish.  

Get in Touch

We can discuss any questions and help you make the best decision for you and your vehicle. We work with several great shops that help us make your car great, including Mechanical shop, Interior shop, Glass Company, and Media Blast Company.