Restoration Painter/Helper

When you join the Wrecks N Restorations A team you get to...

Work with a hand selected and battle tested


of honest, hardworking and prideful human beings

Join the mission to

Passionately provide Honest and efficient service

Impact our

growing cliental

by restoring their dreams

our work is our art

We pursue it with a relentless commitment to excellence. And we constantly strive to Impact our cliental positively.

We are not looking for the average or the norm.

We seek... The Exceptions.

If inside you are saying "Hell Yeah, that's me!" keep reading...

Automotive Restoration Painter/Helper

Our new restoration painter/helper will be a focused, motivated and highly prideful individual who is able to perform high quality workmanship to help accelerate our growth trajectory. You will be a key contributor to the impact of our cliental.

We are seeking a highly skilled and proven automotive restoration painter/helper who loves restoring pieces of automotive history, creating big results and improving the clienteles lives.

What you will love to do...

  •  Be able to work independently with minimal supervision

  •  Demonstrate an attention to detail and quality workmanship

  •  Be a self starter that can take a project and be accountable for   productivity

  •  Demonstrate sincere respect for cliental and their vehicles

  •  Have a positive attitude

  •  Be able to work effective & efficiently with fellow team members

You're the exception we are looking for if...

  •  You are pridefully obsessed with doing the job the right way &   not cutting corners

  •  You are a well organized, dependable & trustworthy teammate

  •  You are a innovative creative thinker who actually gets shit done   by problem solving

  •  You have an entrepreneur spirit by always looking to be more   efficient, bettering processes & going the extra mile

  •  You take great pride in completing the job to your high   standards

  •  You mix paint consistently, accurately and with great precision.   You color match exceptionally well. You apply paint to a mirror   like finish that is show quality.

  •  You prep vehicles 100% so no chance of delamination. You tape   vehicles thoroughly so no overspray gets where it doesn't belong.   You do all of this accurately and efficiently.

  •  You wet sand and buff to get all imperfections out of the paint.   You do this accurately and efficiently with no swirl marks or burn   throughs. You detail the vehicle to a better than new vehicle.

Compensation: Better than competitive with growth opportunities available

note: the exceptionals only

Please do not apply for this position unless you can prove that you are a High Achieving automotive restoration painter/helper. This is a highly coveted position & we will only settle for an A player

Are you the exception?

If so, submit your information & follow the steps to apply