Restoration Parts

Looking for your restoration parts?

We can help. We offer new aftermarket restoration parts for any make and model classic vehicle that is produced. All new restoration aftermarket parts will have to be fit, fab and trimmed to make the parts fit correctly. We offer body panels, floor pans, exterior and interior trim and many other restoration parts for your classic vehicle. We also offer complete bolt kits to make your restoration go much more smooth. It is a hassle to clean, sandblast and paint all the old rusty bolts and screws. Instead, you can open up individual marked bags with the correct bolts that are brand new. It is a huge time saver and you can use that time to do more important things.

We get parts from different sources but mainly try to use AMD for all of our body panels. Shipping prices have been going through the roof for everything and restoration parts are no different. 

You can email us what year, make and model vehicle you have and the parts that you are looking for. We will get back with you on a estimated cost (shipping is the biggest question mark) within a few days. 

New aftermarket quarter panel